My first love was Acting.

The thing about me is I am very determined with a complimentary work ethic. So at the age of 10 when I decided I wanted to act there was no stopping me.

My Mum and Dad signed me up at a local Drama class, and my dream began. It wasn't long before I was invited to an acting workshop at Granada Television.  That workshop led to me landing my first leading role playing "Geri Stevens" In ITVs Children's ward for 7 Episodes.  It was such a brilliant experience and confirmed  my dream to be a professional Actor.

Work ethic was a big thing in my family, if you wanted something, you worked hard to get it. Its something that is ingrained in me and a big part of the success I had. 

I continued to audition and gained substantial  roles in  The Cops,  Heartbeat, My wonderful Life, before gaining my biggest role to date, Zara Morgan In "Hollyoaks"

I joined Hollyoaks at 15 and played the role of Zara for 6 years. It was a huge part of my life and I Learnt so much from cast and crew. I got to act, something I adored, everyday, it was Brilliant.


After 6 years, it was time to move on. I joined The Manchester School of Acting  as a Student, and began to relearn the craft and adapt to the industry and its changes. I continued to act and  landed roles in The innocence Project, Casualty, The Street and Voiced the role of Baby Stella in Shameless

And then everything changed.......

"Why are you not acting anymore?"

The answer? Other things became more important to me.


In 2007 I was approached by Endemol to narrate Series Two of Celebrity Scissorhands. I spent 3 weeks in London voicing a show a day, and parts of the live show.  Suddenly my passion for Voice Over took me back to the 13 year old girl in the school playground. I had found a new direction and my excitement for Voice Over replaced my desire to act.


I teamed with my brilliant Voice Agent Excellent Talent, who I still work with today, and the work kept coming.  The demand for my Conversational, genuine, relatable, cheeky yet warm style grew. I worked with Love Productions narrating two of their spin off Television series, Baby Borrowers on tour and Young Mums Mansion, and Voiced Numerous Campaigns for Global Brands.

During this time I continued to train as an Actor at The Manchester School of Acting. The passion for the craft of Acting was still there so when I was asked by Mark Hudon if I would like to train as an Acting Coach I jumped at the chance. 

Fast forward a good few years, I have a Professional Voice Over studio. I work as an Acting Coach at The Manchester School of Acting, where I have worked for the past 13 years. I am a Wife and Mum to two Children, who are as stubborn as I was when I was young.


So why am I not Acting anymore? I don't need to , I adore my life!

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