Actor training is a key skill for the modern Voice Over

 Voice Over and Acting

Acting for Voiceover isn’t just for Audio drama, gaming and animation. No matter what script you are delivering, at the very least you need to know who you are, what you want and who you are talking to.  The most important thing? That the audience believes you. Whether that’s you convincing me that the car you're talking about is the best on the market, or that you will support me through the online course I am about to embark on, or maybe you are fighting aliens in a post-apocalyptic world and want me to join in. All of these require me to believe you.


Creating a character is talked about a lot in the Voice Over world. You can decide what accent, pitch and tone they have, maybe even how they look and move, but if that character doesn’t start from a place of truth it will never feel completely sincere. You are just working from the outside in, with no real grounding.

Choosing the right Acting coach


Getting a job is the exciting bit, training and nurturing your craft is the important bit. The right Acting Coach should be someone you can trust, who has a proved background in training Actors, and understands the industry and its demands.

I am obviously going to suggest myself. As well as my 13 years as an Actor in British television, I have spent the last 12 years coaching actors at the prestigious Manchester School of Acting.

So read a little bit about me, head over to The Manchester School of Acting, get a feel for the style of teaching, look at the alumni and give me a call.

The right Acting Coach is someone that you feel comfortable with. Who will be honest, supportive and have your best interests at heart. The industry is tough and you need people around you that you can trust.  

1-1 Online Acting Courses for Voice Overs

The Voice Over and Acting- An Introduction


This 1-1 online 60 minute course gives you an insight into how having a solid foundation can help your performances have true authenticity.


This is not a Voiceover course, we wont be looking at Vocal Care, Mic technique or Demos (if that’s what you are looking for drop me a message and I will give you the names of some brilliant people who do that). This is an Acting session, exploring how being a good actor can help you be a better Voice Over. So, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro we will work together to start you on your journey of discovering how to deliver your scripts with authenticity- even against those Aliens. 

We will work together practically, looking at your technique, the skills you already have and how we can build on them. The session will be individually tailored to the Voice Over.

Topics could include:

  • Acting Technique

  • Extracting the Material

  • Finding the authenticity within the script

  • Committing with your body

  • Building the Character from the inside out

60 minutes





The Voice Over and Acting- Continuous Development

This 1-1, 45-minute online session is for those who want to continue to develop their skills after taking the initial The Voice Over and Acting- An Introduction

They can be booked in blocks of 6 or as a stand-alone class. The sessions are tailor-made for the Voice Overs needs and we will work together to develop your acting skills.

Voice Overs must have completed the The Voice Over and Acting- An Introduction  before booking this session.

45 minutes





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